January 29, 2013

Valentines Day Inspiration & A Look Back

With Valentines Day fast approaching I had all these wonderful plans of DIY decorating and tutorials, but along with what seems half the world I got sick.  Some sort of stomach plague that had me laid up on the couch for awhile. While I didn't mind all the Emmett snuggles that happened, I definitely didn't get any projects done.  About a week before I caught the sickness I did finish a super cute Valentines Day wreath to add to my ever growing wreath collection (who doesn't love a wreath on the door!?) I grabbed inspiration from here and here and kinda did my own thing.  While this was a super simple wreath it was tedious!!

I love having handmade crafts around the house.  I think that it adds so much personality and character to the things we see everyday.  Since my stash of Valentines Day decor is sadly very small, I wanted to make a few  pieces that I would be able to pull from year to year.  Here are a few ideas that I hope that I cant still create before the 14th!
All images found via Pinterest, original sources here, here, and here.

Sky and I don't tend to put a lot of time and planning into Valentines Day just because it is only 11 days before our anniversary! Since I wasn't blogging last year, I thought it would be fun to take a look a Valentines Day past.


This is my favorite Valentines to date.  We spent the weekend in Myrtle Beach where Sky proposed on the balcony of our hotel room.  It was the most perfect moment!  I was a total control freak when it came to everything about us getting married.  I picked my ring and I knew that he would be proposing on that weekend, and it was still amazing!  I am not a big fan of surprises so I knew that I wanted to be in on proposal. Lucky for me, Sky is way more laid back and puts up my controlling ways! haha

Last year was super low key.  We went to lunch at McAlister's Deli (our first time), went to pick out some gifts and hung out at home.  Sometimes the best way to spend a holiday, especially one celebrating love, is to just be with the one who has your heart.