About Us

Hi! I'm so glad you are here!  Welcome to my little piece of the internet, I would love if you stayed awhile!
My name is Kara, writer of this little slice of heaven.  Sometimes I make things, sometimes I cook yummy food.  Mostly I love my husband and our pup, Emmett. I am a full time student which takes up most of my time but when I have some down time I LOVE to read. We live in the south where its scorching year round and the bugs are super sized.  We dream of moving to the west coast and buying an old house with lots of land where our children can run around.  I crave the fresh, clean air from my hometown and rarely wear shoes.  I am a bit of a hippy but lean towards peace and away from patchouli. I love to hear the rain on my roof, an occasional dr pepper, and my sewing machine.  
This is my handsome husband, Skyler.  He is an Airman in the USAF and also a part time pharmacy student. He has big dreams for our family. Strong, hilariously funny, and a big smarty pant.  He is my rock, my protector, and my very best friend.
And this is our boy, Emmett.  Adopted when he was 2 months old he adds such joy to our lives. Big personality, fierce protector, and gives the best snuggles.  Loves car rides, pigs ears, and belly scratchins.