August 10, 2013

Happy Weekend + A Book Lovers Survey

So obviously I've been living under a rock because I just discovered this whole world of book bloggers, including Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner.  Ok well she recently did this fun survey all about her favorite books and I wanted to join in!

Here is a terrible, super grainy picture of my bookcases

Author you've read the most books from:

Kate Brian. I feel like her books only half count because they are such easy reads and so short. My second most read author is Tess Gerritsen. She writes the Rizzoli & Isles series, great crime novels!

Best Sequel Ever:

uh Harry Potter?  Of course.

Currently Reading:

City of Glass. I am way behind the times when it comes to Cassandra Clare but her books are amazing!  I cant seem to put any of them down!

Drink of Choice While Reading:

Lately its been Mimosas since I don't get the chance to pick up my book until the end of the day.

E-reader or Physical Book?

Physical book.  I have a Nook Color that I adore but I mostly just use it when I am traveling and cant bring along 4-5 books.  There is really nothing like holding a book, smelling the paper and hearing the page turn.

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated In High School:

Patch from the Hush Hush series. Dark and mysterious..a little on the side of crazy, my ideal guy in high school!

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance:

Beautiful Lies by Jessica Warman  Wow this book blew me away!  I had never heard of the author but randomly picked this up from the library and boy am I glad I did!

Hidden Gem Book:

A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass  This book sat on my to read list for years before I finally got around to reading it. Its such a beautiful and interesting story, its now one I read over and over. 

Important Moment in your Reading Life:

Discovering Goodreads <<<  Agreeing with Jamie. I fell off the reading wagon a couple years ago for no real good reason.  My friend told me about Goodreads and it reintroduced my into the world of reading. I will be forever grateful!

Just Finished:

Kinds of Books You Won’t Read:

History. As informative as they are, they are so dry! I cant make it through the first chapters.

Longest Book You've Read:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,  870 pages.

Major book hangover because of:

Most of Sarah Addison Allen's books. Her books are just so magical!

Number of Bookcases You Own:

2 really tall ones.  Although the second one is quickly being filled!

One Book You Have Read Multiple Times:

A Mango-Shaped Space.

Preferred Place To Read:

Bathtub!  I take a bath every night, its my favorite place to relax and catch up on reading.

Quote that inspires you/gives you all the feels from a book you've read:

"Books may very well be the only true magic." Alice Hoffman

Reading Regret:

Probably the reading hiatus I took a couple years ago.  It seriously put me behind and I really missed out on some wonderful stories (that I now have to catch up on)

Series You Started And Need To Finish(all books are out in series):

The Hunger Games. I LOVED the first book, tolerated the second, and couldn't get around to even picking up the third.  I even bought it!  Eventually I will read it...I hope!

Three of your All-Time Favorite Books:

Unapologetic Fangirl For:

Gossip Girl. I read these books in high school (and was obsessed). Then the show came out and the obsession continued.  I need to reread!

Very Excited For This Release More Than All The Others:

Allegiant by Veronica Roth  I am a newby to dystopia but I read these books back to back and couldn't put either of them down! 

Worst Bookish Habit:

Oh boy.  Dog earing pages, always returning my books late to the library, starting and not finishing....

X Marks The Spot: Start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book:

Little Bee by Chris Cleave  This is one that I picked up on a whim at Goodwill but haven't gotten around to reading yet!  If you've read it, let me know how you liked it!

Your latest book purchase:

The Pretty Little Liars series. Only a couple more to go!

ZZZ-snatcher book (last book that kept you up WAY late):

The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler This not only kept me up late reading but I cried my eyes out!  Such a beautiful story!