February 7, 2013

Arts & Draughts

Last weekend Sky and I were out to dinner just talking about what we wanted to do afterwards.  We came up with just going to a movie, like we do most weekends but on a whim I looked up the Columbia calendar of events on my phone and realized that an event we had talked about months ago was going on THAT NIGHT!  Incredibly excited we called our friends to see if they wanted to, all we had to do was mentioned beer tasting and they were in!  Hosted at the art museum, Arts & Draughts is an event that combines local beer, art, and local bands.  We got there about 2 hours into the events and hardly had room to walk into the museum, it was packed!  We quickly grabbed a couple of little shots of different beers and went to find some space to stand and take in all in.  There was so much going on!  We decided to do a scavenger hunt through the galleries but since we got there a little late we were unable to finish, apparently the galleries weren't open as late as the event. I didn't get to take many pictures but we had so much fun!  I highly recommend going to one of these if they are in your area, the next one in the Columbia area is May 3.  If you're interested there is more information here.

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