January 10, 2013


Emmett has always been a really laid back dog. When we first got him we weren't really sure what to expect, behavior wise. The first week or so he was a little troublemaker, eating everything in sight. I think we went through about 3 remote controls in that week! After he calmed down and realized he was staying, he completely relaxed, and by relaxed I mean got lazy.Now he is happy with some food he snack on throughout the day and snoozing on the couch. We still randomly find a shoe in the middle of the living room, not chewed, just carried around.
Once in a blue moon he gets a little stir crazy, so we go outside for some exercise. Frisbee is a favorite and once he gets running it sounds like a stampede! I love these pictures so much, they really show off his personality and smile! Take a look at some of those pictures, he is jumping higher than Skys head! (Sky is 6'6 for reference)