January 7, 2013

Snail Mail Swap

When I was in elementary school we were assigned a pen pal.  This pen pal was a child of the same age but that attended a different elementary school in the same school district. I LOVED writing to her each week, partially because I was making a new friend and partially because its super fun to write and send letters!

I recently signed myself up for the Snail Mail Swap.  Did you know that you can mail pretty much whatever you want with the USPS without an envelope or box as long as it weighs 13 oz or less. Awesome! You get matched up with you pen pal and send them a message in a bottle. Fill it with a message or fun stuff, address and mail! No need for an envelope!  I cant handle how fun this is!

If you are interested in getting signed up I am posting the link below. Sign up ends on 18 January so hurry quick!