November 27, 2012

Birth is a Dream

I haven't had this blog long enough to talk about my love for children, babies and everything that goes along with that.  A one point in my life I even dreamt of being an obstetrician. That obviously did not pan out but one day, maybe in the near future, I will get to join the lucky group of women that can call themselves mothers.

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook earlier and it is way to special not to share. It is, at times, a little graphic but is oh so eyeopening.

PS, You might want to have a box of tissue nearby.

If you are interested in learning more about Paolo Patruno you can visit the website here.


November 26, 2012

Oregon 2012

Since Sky and I aren't from the same state, we have a lot of family in a lot of different places. Sometimes its really hard to make sure that we have enough time throughout the year to travel and see everybody. Sky's family tends to be the hardest to visit simply because they are clear across the country.  Luckily, Sky was able to save up some leave and we were able to make the long trip!  

We had such a great time! We did a lot of relaxing but also went out and did a lot of fun stuff! The last time we were in Portland I really wanted to go to OMSI but we just didn't have the time.  Luckily, this time we made time and were able to go! I looove museums and this one sure didn't disappoint!

I am really in love with Portland.  I read a lot of blogs (seriously, a lot) and many of them seem to be based in the Portland area.  I am so super jealous of them!  I want to move to Portland!  Dang military.  Honestly, I am very thankful to the military but sometimes its hard to be so tied down to one location, especially since we are not too fond of the area. C'est La Vie, just a few more years I suppose.

I just had to share this one last picture.  I posted this on Instagram (if you don't follow me, you should! @karakieran) and so many people thought this was a backdrop.  It definitely isn't a backdrop or a fake, it was just that beautiful there!  

November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

This post may be a few days late but I have a good excuse!  Well, kinda.  I have been filling my days soaking up time with Sky, eating Thanksgiving leftovers, and shopping Black Friday deals!

We broke away from our usual Thanksgiving plans this year and did something a little different.  Since we live so far away from both of our families, we usually take the long weekend Sky has off work to travel to Tennessee to stay with my dad and family there.  Since we had JUST gotten back from Oregon (post to come!) we were a little traveled out.  We invited some friends that didn't have any plans over for a feast and some football!

Since this was my first year cooking Thanksgiving dinner on my own I thought that I would be a little overwhelmed and stressed but actually I had a lot of fun!  Turkey was much easier (although grosser) than I anticipated and turned out so yummy!  Unfortunately, I was a terrible photographer and didn't manage any pictures to show you, but trust me when I tell you it was delish!

Many things to be Thankful for this year:

My wonderful husband
Cutie pie Emmett
stable jobs and the opportunity to be a full time student
loving family and being able to travel to visit
good health
a beautiful home and food on our table

and much much more!

We sure are lucky.

November 11, 2012


Happy Veteran's Day!

I am very thankful to have this guy in my life. We have a great life thanks to him and his choice to join the military. He sacrifices a lot and I am extremely grateful!  

November 1, 2012

A few things...

I have spent the entire day running around town and I am exhausted!  This time of the year is crazy busy for us, so many places to be!  Tomorrow we are hopping a jet plane straight to Portland Oregon!!  woohoo!  I am in LOVE with Oregon and hope someday that we can move there for good!

On another note... a Whole Foods just opened, and I made a little visit today.  My first time in a Whole Foods, what the what?!!  I feel like I've been living under a rock!  This place is amazing and I don't think I will be able to look at grocery stores the same!

On another, completely random note, I just discovered the awesomness that is Firmoo!  Seriously, go check it out. I got the cutest pair of hipster glasses for free!!  Ok ok, I did have to pay shipping, but still way worth it!

Well, I am off to go pack by bags!  Yay for Portland!

Bahamas- Freeport

The next stop after Nassau, was supposed to be Half Moon Cay. Well, since it had been storming all night the Captain decided that is wasn't safe for us to dock there.  Half Moon Cay doesn't have a normal dock like Nassau did, we would have had to stop while we were still in the water and then take smaller boats to the island. Sure, it wasn't safe but I was so mad!  I thought we got jipped!

Since we didnt know that we would be stopping in Freeport, we really had no idea what to do when we got there!  Carnival was offering some options but they are so dang expensive!  We decided to just relax on the beach and walk around the little markets.

Cant get enough of this view!

We seriously cant wait to go back to the islands!