January 1, 2013

Hello 2013

Happy New Year!


I just wrote and deleted this whole big schpiel about how I don't want to make resolutions because who the heck ever keeps them!? However, as I sat a looked at that little paragraph, I figured, I have this new blog. Maybe this blog will help keep me accountable. Maybe I could look back on this post as motivation and remember what I felt was important to make 2013 the best year yet. So here goes, my resolutions:

1. Focus more on school. I am going to be super honest here when I say that I hate school.  Not an average hate but HAAAAATE school. I would rather be doing much more fun things such as a new DIY project, or playing outside with Em, or reading a new book. But dang it, I HAVE. TO. FINISH. MY. DEGREE!  I am putting myself on a mission this year to finish as many classes as possible without losing my mind.

2. Be craftier.  I have this enormous list of DIY projects I want to create that I am slowly making my way through. I am very happy to say that if you came over for a visit you would find many more self made decor than decor that was purchased. I love that!  It makes my house feel so much more inviting and warm!

3. Whip this booty into shape.  Ugh I was so lax this holiday season with the way I was eating.  So much eating out and so much junk!  Sky and I both are feeling like pigs and we are definitely going to be changing that!  I have such a sweet tooth and not much self will when it comes to the jar of cookies or the tub of ice cream, this has to change!  I am pretty much forbidding these items into my home until I start to feel better about myself.  I made a special Pinterest board to jump start my motivation.  I love that I have a place to visit if I start losing determination.  Check it out here.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and we wish you all the best in 2013!

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