October 8, 2013


I participated in the Scarf Swap hosted by Meredith. LOVE the scarf my partner sent//Emmett feels the need to drag out every.single.one. of his toys//Best cake I've made in awhile!  So fall!//Trying to catch up on the Woodland Sampler, so behind!
Cake & coffee for breakfast//First day that I was able to have my windows open all day!//Season 6 finally came out!  Its been on repeat every night.//Hiking & geocaching with my boys over the weekend!

Also, funny story.  The other morning Sky got up for work and went to let Emmett out (like every other day) he turned the back patio light on, opened the door, and saw a opossum hiding out in the corner! Emmett ran off like a crazy dog, sky yelled, woke me up and I ran out of the bedroom like the house was on fire.  I found Sky laughing out on the patio telling me all about the opossum. Uh huh, that's all normal and funny but Sky says "Wouldn't have been hilarious if the opossum ran in the house?!" umm...yeah...so funny.  People, don't ever say that. That's just asking for trouble.  Well, its 5 in the morning and I want to go back to bed but Emmett wont quit doing this ^^  Whining and sniffing and running around the bedroom. And guess what?  Yup, there's a opossum under our dresser.  Let me just say that it is STRESSFUL trying to get a opossum out of your house.  Using a broom and a blanket we finally got him but dang!  Emmett searched for him for days!  Anyway, I digress.  Hope you are all having a great day!