August 13, 2013

Stitch Fix #2

 I finally ordered my second Stitch Fix!  I had high hopes for this fix, since my first one was kind of a let down, and while it was better it certainly didn't blow me away. If you aren't familiar with Stitch Fix, here is the run down:

  • Sign up, pay $20 styling fee (that can be used towards your purchase)
  • Stylist hand picks 5 pieces that fit your body type and style based on the style profile you fill out
  • Box is shipped to you, try on all your pieces, decide what to keep and what to send back (if you keep all 5, you receive a 25% discount)
  • Ship all the rejects back in the prepaid envelope that is included

  • First, was this very light and airy cardigan. It was super soft and had sleeves that could be worn long or button to 3/4 length.  So so neutral and girly and too boring. I have a LARGE cardigan collection and this just didn't make the cut. (It was also the most expensive item in the box at $98)
  • Um...this button up tank. On my style profile I have that I want boho pieces and the stylist said this tank was boho.  Perhaps our ideas of boho are different but this tank is western! Covered in tiny flowers with pearl buttons, I hated it.  

  • This dress was cute.  It was a beautiful mint color with tiny polka dots all over and an elastic waist.  The back of the dress has a key hole cutout with a small button closure.  I didn't end up keeping this because 1. it was way too short 2. It felt really cheaply made 3. Summer is almost over and i'm not wanting to add anymore summer pieces to my wardrobe.

  • This sweater was the winner!! It was baggy and loose with a woven type of material, its perfect for a crisp fall day. It has large white and multi color stripes. The neckline is larger, almost a boatneck, which is perfect for layering over a tank and throwing on a scarf!  I love love love it!

  • Lastly, was this scarf that I also sent back.  It was very soft and comfortable but I have a couple scarves that are very similar.  Also, it was $48 and that seemed a little steep for a scarf.

Overall, this fix was OK.  I would have loved to see more chunky sweaters and layering pieces.  I think I will order another fix in the future but I feeling less excited about it and am not getting my hopes up.  

Let me know what you liked in my fix! If you are wanting to sign up for Stitch Fix here is a link for you to use. If you sign up through that link I get referral points!