June 3, 2013

The one that's completely random


I am officially signed up for Juneathon!  I loved hearing all about Hanna's workouts last year and hopefully will be able to keep up with the everyday!

Juneathon is an annual festival of bloggers & runners who come together to document their exercise for the entire month of June!  I decided to sign up because I am interested in seeing how my body will change will consistent exercise but also because maybe if I get into the habit of running I will enjoy it a little more.

This is going to be a challenge for me!  I am an awful runner and even more awful at keeping up with exercising.

Day 1 
Walked 1 1/2 miles, 60 Squats
Day 2
60 Squats, yoga
Day 3
1 1/2 mile run, yoga, 60 squats

This weekend was so so relaxing. Friday Sky came home completely drained from work. We threw some chicken on the grill and hung out outside with the boy. Saturday we got up bright and early to go to the flea market. I love wandering around and seeing what little treasures I can find.  We ended up getting a couple little things but then! I found this vintage Dooney & Bourke purse! I went over to admire it, not thinking it would be in my price range, walked away and the lady called me back and said I could have it for $5.  5 dollars!!  I couldn't believe it and snatched it up as quick as I could.

 Our apartment complex recently added a dog park, we went and paid a visit a few days ago.  It is filled with dog training equipment which is weird but Emmett loved running around anyway.  We tried to get him to run through this red tunnel but he was so confused. 
The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing at home and homework. Lots and lots of homework.