June 23, 2013

{How We Weekend} Sushi, Saki, and Superman

Whew!  The semester is over!  Hallelujah!  Now I get a whole week off to relax and not stress and school work before the new semester starts. That gives me a whole week to churn out all the backed up blog posts that are clogging my posts page.

I recently won a chance to work with Lisette from Northern Belle Diaries and she created an AMAZING new blog button for me!  She was fantastic to work with and came back with ideas so quickly!  Go check out her portfolio if you are interested in updating you blog!  You can see my new blog button on the right sidebar and if you are interested is swapping let me know!


On Friday we found out that one of our really good friends was accepted in the nursing program through the Air Force! We celebrated on Saturday with mojitos and sushi at one of her favorite restaurants!  I am not a big fan of sushi...at all, but they had amazing beer battered shrimp.  I also tried hot Saki for the first time...also not a fan. Much more of a beer and burgers type of girl!
The rest of the weekend looked like this.
Did you know that Instagram has video now!?  I LOVE it!  Follow on IG to see more pictures of Emmett, yummy food, and silly videos!
Saw the new Super Man in the IMAX.  I liked it, Sky thought it was just OK.  But let me tell ya, the man that plays super man is HANDSOME!  My goodness!

I hope you guys had a great weekend! If you are still following with GFC, don't forget you need to find a new way to follow along before July 1.