June 27, 2013


Finished a monogram hoop with vintage fabric//Being a ham//Ditched dr pepper for ginger ale with a splash of juice
Drinking bubbles from my bath, no privacy whatsoever//OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars. Thank you Netfllix for all 3 seasons
Broken down truck, glad Sky had the day off work to help. $1200 later its all fixed. ugh.//Homemade auntie anne's copycat pretzels. Delicious!//Homework wingman

Oh boy am I so glad its almost the weekend!! Starting on Monday, I start a new semester of school with a class that is Monday and Wednesday 5:30-8. Well this wouldn't be so bad except that Sky has a night class on Tuesday and Thursday which basically means that the only time we will get to see each other is the weekend!  As much as its going to suck, it makes me treasure the time I do get to spend with him even more.

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