March 23, 2013

Girls Night & Paint and Pour

One of my very good friends, Megan, is getting ready to move all the way across the country to Colorado.  While I am so happy for her, I am super sad for myself.  I am going to miss her so so much!  Since she is leaving in less than 2 weeks, we decided we needed to have one more girls night!

The night started with an appetizer dinner at Applebees.  If you have never had a dinner of just appetizers you are seriously missing out. Its like having snacks for dinner, which is so fun! We just hung out for awhile and talked and talked and talked. I'm going to miss this girl so much, she always knows just what to say. Whether its advice or just to tell me I am a crazy person.

After dinner we headed over to what I was super excited for, Paint and Pour! Its a private art class that included step by step instructions...and you can bring wine. Sold!  The canvas that we painted I had seen floating around Pinterest (here and here) but it was so much fun to create!
After having so much fun painting there is really nothing else that could make this girls night better, right?! 
Tattoos.  Tattoos make every girls night epic.

Matching star tattoos were the only logical way to end our night. Now I will have this super cute tattoo to always remind me of my great friends and the amazing girl night we had!  

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