March 1, 2013

{DIY} Burlap Banner

We recently got a new KING size bed (!!) and moved our old bed queen into the spare room, and even though the queen size took up a majority of the room it was still lacking....something.  It took me a little bit to realize that it needed some fun decoration for above the bed. So I did what every girl does when she needs some inspiration, I checked Pinterest. Ah, Pinterest, you never let me down! I discovered that I NEEDED to make a cute burlap banner.
I quickly checked all my crafty supplies to make sure I had everything I needed, I did woohoo!  OK so I kinda flew by the seat of my pants with this but it ended up being a super easy DIY  I knew I wanted it to be about the length of the headboard, which was about 6 medium sized squares.  I used this Valentines Day banner that my mom made for me as a size template and cut out my burlap pieces.
Isn't this banner just the cutest!? If you want one for yourself she sells them (and super cute bags) in her etsy shop!

After I cut my squares I ironed them smooth,  folded over a 1 inch hem over a piece of twine.
The wonderful part of the instant hem tape is that all you have to do is iron it. That's it. Just hold the iron over the area and not only does it glue down the edge but it also saves you a ton of time! Also, since the twine is in the folded part of the fabric its not glued down. So if you have to adjust the string a bit you can pull it in or out. Completely adjustable. 

The next step is to cut some hearts out of a book of your choosing.  It could be a random book you have laying around or it could be be a book that has special meaning.  I choose an extra Harry Potter I had on my book shelf. All you potterheads out there please don't hate me, even though it was an extra I still had a hard time damaging the book!  

You can freehand a heart right onto the pages or you can make a pattern to use.  I had some extra felt on hand so I made a pattern, my freehand is not very trusty.

After you have all of your hearts cut out then all you have to do is attach them your burlap!  I used more of the instant hem only because I didn't have anything else.  While this method worked out fine for me I think an easier way would be to use a spray adhesive.  If you are going to use the instant hem make sure that you are not ironing directly on the paper. After you are done ironing on all your hearts, its time to hang it up!

That's it!  Easiest project I've done in awhile! I think it took me all of 20 minutes.

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