December 12, 2012

Gift Guide Vol 1

Gift guide for me

1. Minnetonka 3 Layer Fringe Boots- I am dying for these!  They are so bohemian and would look so dang cute with a lil summer dress!
2. Wood & Faulk Bag- Is this not the perfect carry on bag or what?! 
3. J. Crew Printed Back-Up Iphone Battery- The convienience! I am terrible about charging my phone, this seems like the perfect solution...much better than charging my phone ;)
4. Chalk Ink Chalkboard Pens- I am obsessed with the homemade chalkboard that I made (via this tutorial) but hate all the dustiness that the chalk leaves. I am intrigued to try these!
5. ILY Couture Pave Bracelet- This looks identical to the J. Crew bracelet but a waaay better price!
6. Lisa B. for Madewell Fair Isle Socks- I can never seems to have enough chunky wool socks when the temperatures get cold. These are too cute to pass up!


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