February 25, 2013


Wow so apparently I went on a little bloggy vacation. Sorry bout that, it has been DIY central around here (which means awesome new project but slacker blogging). Also, its been raining. Rain is like my kryptonite, in a good way.  All I want to do when it rains is sit on my back porch reading a book, listening to the tap tap tap of the drops on the grass in front of me and smelling that wonderful rain smell.  I have devoured so many books in the past couple weeks!  One of my favorite things to do is cross off another book on my to read list. If you are on Goodreads (and you so should be) you can check out my to read list here.  

Lots of snuggles with my favorite boy//Organizing thread for a big cross stitch project// Yummy Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake//Found an old journal full of quotes I started awhile ago. Decided to add a few new favorites.
New king size bed, woohoo!!// Always have dessert with lunch when you're out with your girlfriends// Lazy bum waiting to go for a walk// In love with this retro fabric from Joann's. I have to figure out where I can use this at in my home!
Cross stitch deer head finally hanging on my wall, adds a ton of rustic charm!// Latte pick me ups in cute Anthropologie mugs// The hardest workers take the cutest naps : )// Finally jumped on the Archetype band wagon and these were my results. I would say pretty accurate!

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