November 2, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Hello! This poor little blog has been so neglected in the past year!  I am so sorry about that.  When I first started Kieran Honeybee my intentions were for this to be a spot to share about pregnancy and eventually my child. A sort of digital scrapbook that I could hand down to him one day.  That was all fine and good until the dreaded morning sickness took over my life.  I started getting sick at exactly 6 weeks pregnant and wasn't really 'over' it until around 23 weeks.  Guys, it consumed me! I barely could leave the couch, every time I moved I had to be sick.  I finally convinced my doctor that I needed some help and started Zofran at around 12 weeks but boy it sure was rough.  

Anyway, since I want to start writing here again, I first wanted to catch you guys up on whats been going on!  

I got really really pregnant...
17 weeks//20 weeks//26 weeks
30 weeks//33 weeks//36 weeks
38 weeks//38 weeks 4 days
Had an adorable baby boy...

And now we are moving across the country!

Phew!  We have been busy!  I will be trying to blog at a more consistant pace and I hope you stick around!  Theres plenty more to catch up on!