May 14, 2013

{DIY} Yarn Storage

So I have this problem, a yarn problem.  I have piles of yarn that I have bought and only used parts of for other projects and now they are just piling up. I wanted some type of storage that I could DIY and would fit with the vintage y theme of my spare bedroom/craft room.  I loved this one but couldn't for the life of me find a galvanized tub!
I had this Santa popcorn tin still hanging around from Christmas that was desperate for a makeover. It also happened to be the perfect yarn hiding size. Annnd I had chalkboard paint. Perfect.
I ended up painting 3 coats just to make sure everything was covered evenly. I let the paint dry about 45 minutes between each coat. After the 3rd coat dried I "cured" the paint. Cover the entire tub with chalk, if you don't everything you write on the tub will stick and leave an imprint.
All done!  So cute and versatile!

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