April 25, 2013

Answering the Tough Questions

Hello! Happy Wednesday! Today I am linking up with Erin from Living in Yellow to "answer tough questions"

1. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would it be?
 This is hard!  I think the one thing I wish I had done a little differently would involove school.  When I joined the Air Force in 2009, it was a necessity. I couldnt afford to pay for anymore of college on my own and the Air Force paid for school which is great but its impossible to get more than a couple classes done at a time.  If I had somehow been able to afford school on my own I would already have my degree!

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I see myself somewhere on the west coast, hopefully in a house with lots of land, with a couple babies and still crazy in love with Sky.

3. Do you honestly want kids?
YES!  Oh my goodness, yes.  I don't think there is anything in life I want more than a house full of kids.

4. What has been the best moment of your life so far?
Marrying Sky. Oh I am so mushy today, but that is the truth. I knew VERY early on that he was the man I wanted to marry and I didn't have to dream about that too long, we married after 6 months! There were other extenuating circumstances but we both knew, why wait!?

5. What is your life theme song?
Oh my. I have no idea.  I listen to a ton of music but I don't think I have found one that describes my life to a T.  One I do really love in "This" by Darius Rucker. I love that he talks about all the crappy things that happen to us were all leading to a better something. I think that's a good philosophy to live by.

6. What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die?
Travel. I have seen so little of this world we live in. Life gets too busy and sometimes its too hard to get away and see new things.  There will always be more things to see and more places to go, hopefully I can start ticking some off the list.

7. If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be?
Being a fierce friend.  I think its easy to be a 'good' friend but I strive to be a fierce one. A friend that can dedicate my whole being to them when they need me. I am a few friends kinda girl, and thats how I like it!  I love that I get to spend my time a select few to grow our relationships.

8. If you could do anything you wanted right in this very moment (no consequences, no fear, etc), what would it be?
Buy a big old farmhouse that overlooks forests and mountains.  With acres of land to grow our family with love on. Also to plant and nurture our own chickens and produce.

9. What has been the most challenging moment in your life?
The most challenging is by far living so far away from my family. What I wouldnt do to be able to sit and talk with mom or to be able to help my nanny. This is time that I wont be able to get back and it breaks my heart.  

10. Summarize yourself in one word.
Changing.  I am constantly changing, my desires, hope and dreams, plans, everything evolves and changes day to day. Its how life moves forward and we all have to move with it.

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