October 25, 2012

Bahamas Cruise

We just got back from our very first cruise just a few short weeks ago and can I just say, I am so ready to go on another!!  I was VERY skeptical and really quite nervous to go. I am not a big fan of the ocean, and when I say not a big fan, I mean I avoid going in any deeper than my calves. Ya, i'm one of THOSE people. Anyway, it actually ended up not being that serious.  I did get a little motion sickness but it was minor compared to what we got to experience.

 Confession, we splurged a little bit on our room.  Since this was our first cruise, we didn't really know how we were going to feel being out in the ocean for so long or if we would get sick, so we decided to get a room with a balcony. It was AMAZING! We spent so much time out there and had tremendous views that we would not have been able to see otherwise.

Sky is eating alligator! ick!

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